“We’ve been really really happy with the latest Icon having 2 in the fleet currently.
Rob Steele is our Area Sales Manager and has been very good with regards to keeping us up to date when we’ve needed additional support.
It’s mainly used for fert spreading at the moment; we use both mounted and trailed spreaders. When the time comes we also use them for carting at harvest.

We use Livelink for monitoring the diesel consumption, hours and location. It’s very obvious when we have been held back on a job due to waiting for lorries, the machines will show much longer idling times so we can factor this into our costs. We often have a few jobs on the go at any one time and have found that LiveLink has saved the office valuable time, we have far less wasted calls with the office having clear visibility of exactly where we are on a job, enabling them to manage our time and plan for the next job with ease.”

4220 in 3 words…
“Comfortable, Intuitive and Manoeuvrable”

With thanks to Joe Lawson, John Orfords, Suffolk

We’d like to take the time to say thank you to those who have shared their experience with us for the benefit of others. It’s always reassuring to know that others have indeed gone through the same experiences when starting to look at a new machine, having had the same questions coming up along the way and to see how they have now found their machine, having owned it and used it on a daily basis.

Call your local Area Sales Manager should you have any questions or queries, we’re here to help and are pleased to do so.
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