Trimble Technology

When it comes to precision farming, Pecks are able to offer you the complete package.

Our services are as follows:

  • New machines supplied with factory fitted guidance systems.
  • Guidance installation into your existing machines from light bars to full RTK auto guidance.
  • Upgrades of your existing system up to full RTK auto guidance.
  • Most makes of machines can be catered for

Real-time kinematic (RTK)

A breakthrough advancement in GPS accuracy, RTK has transformed the power of positioning technology.

What is RTK?
RTK is a positioning technique that solves accuracy, motion, and timing challenges, enabling satellite positioning systems to deliver highly precise location information.

Achieve precise positioning in real time.
Ensure the accuracy of positioning data within centimetres.
Increase productivity with precise corrections to satellite-based positions while you work.

Positioning services
RTK makes it easy for everyone, from farmers to surveyors, to be confident in their accuracy. Positioning services are integrated into the history of Trimble. From providing local support to managing global reach, Trimble GNSS solutions and GPS technology deliver high-accuracy positioning and correction.

Machine control
RTK improves productivity and accuracy so machine operators can get it right the first time. Built on decades of innovation, Trimble machine control systems combine positioning sensors with computer displays to give operators better insight into and control over their work.

How Trimble helped pioneer this game-changing technology
As part of an open, collaborative effort, Trimble leaders, along with engineers and scientists from the public, private, and academic sectors, worked together to develop commercial RTK systems.

In anticipation of the need for a solution that evolved beyond GNSS, Trimble played a central role in advancing the capabilities of RTK technology.

Keep your equipment up to date.

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Aftersales Support

Systems supplied by Pecks are initially installed by our factory trained technicians.
Our technicians will then support any technical system issues.
For operational support we are able to offer access to the supplier support centres who are dedicated to precision farming.