🔊 CUSTOMER FEEDBACK – JCB 542-70 Agri Xtra 6 speed

“We’ve had a number of JCB’s over the years including telehandlers and tractors, with my latest 4220 now having been upgraded to an iCON. The upgrades that have been made to the cab make the job a lot easier, with the arm rest and screen being a real game changer. So much more user friendly and much more comfortable to work in. The inside is definitely now in line with the outside capabilities.

We have used other brands in the past, once having been totally “green”, but have reverted back to JCB. Having all yellow means all of our staff are able to hop on any of the machines knowing the controls from habit and ease of use. Apart from the machines themselves of course, one of the main reasons for us using JCB’s is the Peck’s support and back up is second to none. Our local depot is based at Ramsey and we rely on the Ramsey Service team, to keep on top of what is due with regards to servicing, so we can focus on what we are doing and get on with the job at hand.

An ex demo 542-70 6 speed Agri Xtra has been our most recent purchase. We have an older machine which has really done us well with no major faults in the 14 years of having it. We use the older machines for the dirtier jobs and aim to use the newer one for the bulk of the loading arable onto lorries.”

542-70 Agri Xtra 6 speed in 3 words:

“Nothing comes close”

With sincere thanks to Ethan from JC Martins for his time and feedback

We’d like to take the time to say thank you to those who have shared their experience with us for the benefit of others. It’s always reassuring to know that others have indeed gone through the same experiences when starting to look at a new machine, having had the same questions coming up along the way and to see how they have now found their machine, having owned it and used it on a daily basis.

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