SIP Industrial

For over 50 years, SIP have been building their business, becoming one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of trade, professional and industrial equipment for various different markets in both the UK and worldwide.

The brand has been synonymous with designing, developing and manufacturing the highest quality welding and compressor equipment since the beginning, but we have been continuing to expand product ranges so we can provide the very best to all major markets.

Today, SIP offers a range as varied as it is specialist, covering welding, air compressors, woodworking, automotive, heating, power and pressure washing/cleaning. All products are full of features and are designed to deliver exceptional results whatever the application.

The brands in which G & J Peck continue to carry are those of quality and supplier support so that we ourselves can continue to offer customer service for the life of the product.
If you have a requirement and need assistance with choosing the right piece of equipment for you, please feel free to get in touch and we’d be pleased to assist.

Each of our depots are unique to the area they reside so each offering will be slightly different. If you would like to make a visit to one of our showrooms, we’re always happy to take a call to check on availability.


Researched and developed for over 50 years, this range has consistently provided belt-driven, direct-driven, and screw compressors that offer bespoke production for high demands, with a range of displacements, receivers, and supply options to suit everything from home and trade use to continuous industrial-grade requirements.

Offering heavy-duty and low noise performance perfect for environments where noise emissions should be low, along with easy servicing and maintenance, SIP Belt-Driven Compressors are unrelenting workhorses that suit all applications from home or trade garages and workshops through to professional-grade jobs. With static, mobile, and portable machines, the range caters for all environments.

SIP Direct-Driven Compressors offers efficient and cost effective operation through minimal power losses, which results in higher cost savings! With internal systems that can withstand the harshest weathers conditions, these rugged machines as suitable for all levels of use, boasting lower wear and tear than other compressors. Perfect for professional users needing consistent and reliable production.


An essential piece for any motorist, mechanic, garage, or workshop in general, our range of chargers, boosters, starters, and testers help to prevent breakdowns, flat batteries, and more across compatible batteries on a range of vehicles including ATVs, motorcycles, cars, campers, vans, boats, tractors, trucks, and HGVs.

Booster packs are available in three versions, each utilising powerful, user-friendly and intuitive technologies to provide boosting of ATVs, motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, tractors, excavators, HGVs, and more. Choose from proven purpose-designed AGM packs for reliable, maintenance-free use, ultracapacitor batteryless designs, and hybrid models which combine technologies for the best-of-both worlds.

The collection of SIP STARTMASTER starter chargers are available as lightweight and portable designs for simple use in demanding environments, and wheel-mounted options built with ultra heavy-duty stainless steel casings perfect for professional-grade use and tradesmen. Regardless, the complete range is compatible with a selection of Lead Acid, SLA, AGM, GEL, WET, and VRLA batteries.


Keep your garage, workshop, warehouse, farm, or other outdoor spaces warm and dry on the coldest days with a selection of propane, diesel, or paraffin space heaters, or keep sites toasty via a cordless unit. Make your study more comfortable with an electric fan heater, or warm your patio or shed with a universal infrared model.

Ideal for heating smaller trade spaces such as garages or workshops, there are two distinct ranges to choose from; trade heaters, which boast a heavy-duty powder-coated finish and a steel tank construction, or the upgraded professional models complete with premium stainless steel finishes for added durability, heavy-duty composite plastic platforms, external filters, and premium Danfoss fuel pumps.