Krone Telematics

Your machine: Always in sight

With KRONE Smart Telematics you have the Live-Data of the machines always at hand. For this purpose the Data is transmitted in real time from the machines. Therefore, the state of the machine can be seen constantly and it will help the driver set the configurations.

    • Data transmission in real-time from the machine directly to your Smartphone, Tablet and PC
    • Work progress always on sight without any telephone calls
    • Automatic data transfer. The driver is able to fully concentrate on the machine

Available on all end devices
KRONE Smart Telematics has an adaptive design and is therefore available for all end devices. Also on Android and IOS. So you always have the information of the machines with you.

    • Use via PC
    • Use via all end devices
    • Use via almost all browsers

Due to saving the machine data, one is able to, not only see and analyse former accomplishments of the machines, but also the new ones. The bale ejection is also visually illustrated.

  • Simple analysis of machine capacity
  • Data analysis from the past as well
  • Visual presentation of the bale ejection
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