Farm Management

Entering Field names, boundary lines and guidance line data on an in-cab display can be a tedious and slow process. MyPLM®Connect saves time by enabling you to setup the data on the online portal for all your New Holland PLM equipment as well as most other equipment.  The customer can send the data to his connected vehicles via File Transfer or it can be exported to a USB stick to upload it manually.

The Farm tab on the MyPLM®Connect portal is also where you can analyse all field data. This information is recorded in real time by the vehicle during operation and users of the MyPLM®Connect Professional package will be able to transfer this data wirelessly via file transfer to and from your farm equipment for all operations.  As an alternative to file transfer, users can upload their data manually – simply create an account and start uploading your field data.  As the field data is uploaded and recorded in the MyPLM®Connect portal then agronomic data is automatically mapped and visualized.

The Farm tab enables visualization of data in the form of a simple coverage map or a multiple layer yield & moisture map, depending on your operation. Data from the SIMA awarded NutriSense system for the ForageCruiser series and CX/CR combine series and bale data from the BigBaler series can even be analyzed.  The Farm tab becomes the single location to store your field data for record keeping both for Farm management and regulatory purposes.

The MyPLM®Connect portal was designed with an open architecture in mind.  This means, not only can you use the MyPLM®Connect portal to create prescription maps, you also have the ability to synchronize your data with your current Farm Management Information System (FMIS) and analyze data and prepare prescription maps using that portal. New Holland are currently partnered with multiple FMIS service providers including:
• Trimble
• Syngenta
• Farmers Edge and many more

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