🔊 CUSTOMER FEEDBACK – Amazone Cayena

“We’ve had our Puma for just under a year now, I say ‘we’ but really this one is mine. My husband has a different brand of tractor, he does use mine… just when his is in for repair which does seem to have become a constant occurrence!

When I got the call from Pecks to see how we were getting on and what we thought of the Puma, the first thing that came to mind was that we do not have a single complaint, she does the job, she does the job with ease and everybody notices her…. she is very striking in black. It won’t be our last one, we are certain of that.

She’s been used for our local young farmer tractor runs, fitted out with all the bells, whistles, lights and now includes a Baby Shark horn. 🤣 Day to day she is used to pull a 3,500 gallon slurry tanker. I also use her for rowing up hay… again adding a bit of humour to the job she can stack them into any shape you like. This year we opted for Minions! 😎

Compared to my husbands bigger tractor she has a noticeably better fuel consumption. I’m not the slowest of drivers, her pulling power at speed is phenomenal, together with the weighted took box she has a very smooth ride on both road and land.

My daughter will soon be using her as she has her tractor test coming up, she’s been perfect to learn in. The CVX gearbox has been very easy to use. We would like to say a massive thank you to Pecks for their help and support to a small family business, nothing is ever too much.”

With sincere thanks to Jo Henfry from Lincolnshire for her feedback

We’d like to take the time to say thank you to those who have shared their experience with us for the benefit of others. It’s always reassuring to know that others have indeed gone through the same experiences when starting to look at a new machine, having had the same questions coming up along the way and to see how they have now found their machine, having owned it and used it on a daily basis.

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