“We’ve had JCB’s since the early 90’s. Currently we have a 4220 Stage V, a 4220 iCON, an 8330 iCON and a 541-70 Agri Pro loadall.
The smaller 4220 iCON is mainly used on a trailed sprayer with the bigger work being done by the 8330 iCON. It’s used for ploughing and our main cultivation work, easily pulling a 6m drill and a 6m AVR bed tiller.

We’d previously had a rubber tracked crawler of another colour, in which the 8330 replaced. I must say it’s one hell of a tractor and serves us well. We’re getting on really well with it. The turning circle has improved since previous models, the power to weight ratio is very impressive. There’s been a massive upgrade in technology; we have the JCB’s precision farming system Novatel installed, which together with the new joystick and armrest layout, is just fantastic. The ride is spot on, it’s like floating on a cloud!

Previously with the crawler we’d have to consider what work we could do in the less-than-perfect weather, or we’d run the risk of slipping and sliding about in the wet. We felt that the 8330 had big boots to fill, and it continues to hold its own brilliantly. We’ve got BKT V-Flecto VF tyres fitted which can run at a variety of pressures, dependent on the land at the time. We tend to run at 14psi to spread the footprint and it runs a dream.

We’ve been very happy with the machine and also with Pecks. Ken, our Area Sales Manager is always there if you need advice. Dicky, our Service Manager lets us know when we need our service and the fitters know us and our machinery well. We feel pleased that we have a good working relationship.”

8330 in 3 words…
“She’s a statement piece and doesn’t go unnoticed on the road…
Big & Beautiful”

We’d like to take the time to say thank you to those who have shared their experience with us for the benefit of others. It’s always reassuring to know that others have indeed gone through the same experiences when starting to look at a new machine, having had the same questions coming up along the way and to see how they have now found their machine, having owned it and used it on a daily basis.

Call your local Area Sales Manager should you have any questions or queries, we’re here to help and are pleased to do so.
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