How to register and use the AFS Academy App

1.Download the app
The app can be downloaded for free from either Google Play or Apple stores.
Simply search for ‘Case IH AFS Academy’ and look for the AFS logo
2. New Users Must Register
Once the app has been downloaded and opened the sign in/register screen will appear.
New users must register to get full access to all content.
Click on ‘Register’.
3. Enter Your Details
Enter your details and dealer voucher code as requested then click ‘Register’.
What’s the “Dealer Voucher code?!”…
Ask your local Area Sales Manager for this.
4. Confirm Your Registration
(Look at your email inbox!!!)
Once you have registered successfully on the app you must confirm your registration which will be sent via email to the email address you registered with
Now go back to the app and log in with the email and password you entered during registration.
5.You’re In!!!
The home screen loads up on the ‘Latest’ tab showing the latest videos uploaded to the AFS Academy
Clicking on ‘Categories’ allows you to narrow your search… my product type > product > operation
When you have successfully navigated and found the video you want, you can either ‘Download all’ videos on that page or a specific one by clicking the highlighted icon.
6. Downloading, Viewing & Deleting…
When the video has finished downloading it will appear in the ‘My Videos’ section. The video can also be deleted by clicking the rubbish bin icon.
To view a video simply click on your desired video and it will load up like the image opposite. Click on the play icon and the video will start playing.
We hope you find the app useful
If you need any assistance, please call your local Area Sales Manager who will be able to guide you through the process.
In order to be able to help you they will ask if you have…
• Successfully downloaded the app
• Completed the registration
• Approved the registration on the email address you have provided
• Your email address
• Your dealer voucher number