Boomer 25C – 55 Series

Ten reason why a Boomer tractor is in a class of its own…

1. High comfort Boomer Suite™ cab on Class 2 & 3 Boomers, 35 – 55 models
2. Mechanical transmission options with Synchronised Shuttle Shift between forward and reverse
3. Refined common rail, smooth running and frugal power units with 300 hour service intervals
4. New servo pedal assist for ultimate comfort on hydrostatic models
5. New EZ Speed automatically increases engine rpm on Hydrostatic models when drive pedals are pressed
6. Electro-hydraulic independent PTO to drive mid-mount mower decks on hydrostatic models
7. New auto PTO functionality on Class 2 & Class 3 models
8. All-wheel drive for traction in the toughest of conditions
9. Dedicated power steering pump. No loss in hydraulic performance in a tight turn
10. Wider tyre offering to include more turf and flotation options

Whether you choose an open platform or the Boomer™ cab, your comfort is built into the design.

The distinctive Boomer™ sloped hood gives an unobstructed view.

Quiet, clean-running engines save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint.

You will be supported by the leader brand and the most professional dealer network in Service, for your peace of mind and a high value of your machine maintained over time.

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