The right digital solution for intelligent crop production

Amazone have combined their digital expertise under the keyword AMAZONE 4.0 and look to provide farmers and contractors with optimum solutions for precision farming.

digital technologies which ensure optimum crop development with secure yields and quality whilst at the same time reducing the use of plant protection agents and fertilisers. AMAZONE 4.0 is therefore a keyword for customer-oriented, digital solutions which enable intelligent crop production.
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AMAZONE 4.0 offers suitable solutions from the sectors of software, electronics, service and networking thus meeting every customer requirement.
To give you a better idea of their digital technologies, we have divided them into the following 3 segments:

Precision includes our digital solutions, which already enable very precise work with the help of automated control of the machine and ISOBUS electronics. This includes, for instance, automatic control of the fertiliser spreader application rate, automatic part-width section control via GPS, or the option of part-area, site-specific application on the basis of application maps. This segment provides the customer with a high degree of time saving as well as an increase in operational comfort, whereby the work processes run automatically and can be adapted to the local conditions.

Perfection is the extension of precision. This area comprises the digital solutions used to control our machines even more precisely and optimise the work result even further. These digital solutions meet the highest demands of precision agriculture by enabling the machines to constantly perfect the quality of work via additional intelligent sensor systems, or to apply inputs to the smallest part-areas in an even more targeted manner.

Networking stands for the digital networking of our machines and the resulting benefits for our customers. In conjunction with our AMAZONE Apps, data can be exchanged on-line quickly and securely between AMAZONE machinery and the Apps, thereby improving the quality of work. Simple on-line data exchange via agrirouter is also ensured with our machinery. The added value of external data analysis via service providers, e.g. through artificial intelligence or soil and yield maps, can be harnessed by our machinery and the application of operational resources optimised.

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